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Behar: Republicans Attempting ‘Slow-Moving Coup in This Country’


Joy Behar told her co-hosts Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” that Republicans were involved in a “slow-moving coup in this country.”

Co-host Ana Navarro said, “I have such strong belief in the American democracy and the American people. It’s been around for almost 300 years. It survived civil wars. I think January 6 has traumatized us all and left us all with the knowledge that democracy is a lot more frail, even in America, than we thought it was.”

Behar said, “The problem is the Supreme Court in this country. I think it is one of the major problems we’re having. It started when the Supreme Court decided to put George W. Bush in office.”

She continued, “And then there was the Citizens United, which allows all sorts of money to flow into the elections, and so it becomes even less — what’s the word — truthful about what’s going on. And then you have this insurrection that took place where you have the Republican Party basically saying it was either a tourist day or it was — what’s the other word they used?”

Co-host Sunny Hostin said, “Legitimate political discourse.”

Behar added, “Legitimate political discourse. And there’s this denial of reality, and the big lie continues. And I think that we’re definitely on what they call a slow-moving coup in this country, and the Republicans are doing nothing to preserve democracy. In my opinion, the Republican Party is not.”

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