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Biden Launches ‘Building a Better America’ Propaganda Website

Like putting lipstick on a pig? Trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear?

Any number of idioms illustrate the Biden administration’s continuing efforts to sell the disastrous “Build Back Better” plan to the American people — now including switching up the words and launching a new website with the same ol’, same ol’ far-left agenda. Sorry, Joe — that dog don’t hunt, either.

“Check it out!”, they proclaimed. I did just that.

The White House on Wednesday unveiled the new “Building a Better America” site, as reported by Axios, which I specifically chose as a source because of its typically glowing praise of all things Biden. For example, check out the familiar “Why It Matters” section about the new site:

The White House says passage of the new law shows the ability to “forge bipartisan consensus and prove our democracy can deliver big wins” even in these toxic times.

“Bipartisan consensus”? Yeah, no. Biden can’t get consensus on BBB within the Democrat Party, let alone from Republicans, long wary of his socialist wealth-redistribution policies — and worse.

Not to solely pick on Axios, here; the “Building a Better America” propaganda site wouldn’t be more of a fairy tale if it began with “Once upon a time…”

President Biden forged consensus and compromise between Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to demonstrate our democracy can deliver big wins for the American people.

After decades of talk on rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure, President Biden delivered the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law – a historic investment in America that will change people’s lives for the better and get America moving again.

It gets worse:

President Biden will deliver bold action and immediate relief for American families as the country grapples with converging crises.

This will include actions to control the COVID-19 pandemic, provide economic relief, tackle climate change, and advance racial equity and civil rights, as well as immediate actions to reform our immigration system and restore America’s standing in the world.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is hilariously delusional. “Bold action”?

On what? Purposely creating Biden crisis after Biden crisis — not delivering relief — immediate or otherwise. Toss in Afghanistan and the second paragraph is nothing more than a list of those crises, with more to come — not to mention a strong majority of Americans don’t view “climate change” or “racial equity,” which has a far different meaning than “racial equality,” and “civil rights” as anywhere near crises.

As Axios noted, Biden is scheduled to travel to Kansas City, Missouri, on Wednesday to continue shilling for his doomed BBB plan, albeit again wordsmithed in an attempt to sell it.

And as is the case with any “good” Democrat initiative, the administration will use “listening sessions” as part of its new effort — including the solver of all root causes, Kamala Harris.

The White House says the new branding will be used on the administration’s digital platforms — and at events, press conferences, tours and listening sessions as Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and the Cabinet travel the country.

What could go wrong? The combined approval rating of Biden and Harris is less than 70 percent. And the Cabinet? Janet Yellen? Gina Raimondo? Pete Buttigieg? Jennifer Granholm? Alejandro Mayorkas? Earth to Joe: Every one of those people makes things worse when their lips are moving, and we’re not even talking about Antony Blinken and Merrick Garland.

I encourage you to read through the new site — for laughs if nothing else. Meanwhile, here are a few of my favorite lines on various “bold” Biden initiatives, emphasis, mine:


President Biden will take swift action to tackle the climate crisis. To meet the demands of science, the President is mobilizing a whole-of-government effort to reduce climate pollution in every sector of the economy and increase resilience to climate impacts.

The Biden Administration will create good-paying, union jobs [the governmnt does not create jobs; union or otherwise].

Racial Equity

President Biden is putting equity at the center of the agenda with a whole of government approach to embed racial justice across Federal agencies, policies, and programs.

And President Biden will take bold action to advance a comprehensive equity agenda to deliver criminal justice reform [further easing of punishment], end disparities in healthcare access and education, strengthen fair housing […].


President Biden will take bold steps to address the inequities in our economy and provide relief to those who are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. The President will also work with Congress to pass the American Rescue Plan to change the course of the pandemic … [which he’s had nearly a year to do],

And, he will build our economy back better from the pandemic and create millions of jobs by strengthening small businesses and investing in the jobs of the future. [Meaningless boilerplate, Joe; you have only made everything worse than if you had taken a nap for 11 months.]


President Biden will reform our long-broken and chaotic immigration system. [By continuing to fly illegal aliens all over the country in the dead of night, including COVID-positive people?]

President Biden’s strategy is centered on the basic premise that our country is safer, stronger, and more prosperous with a fair and orderly immigration system […]

Complete crock of crap. Not only did Biden signal throughout the 2020 campaign that illegal aliens would be welcomed with open arms, he all but installed northbound people movers along the border and hired welcoming mariachi bands.

Finally, there’s a section on “Restoring America’s Global Standing,” which includes the laughable: “rebuilding democratic alliances across the globe.”

This, from a guy who purposely stranded untold numbers of Americans by walking out of Afghanistan, left pro-US Afghanis at the mercy of the Taliban, and stuck it — unannounced — to NATO allies.

All words, Joe. And more hollow promises. The worst part?

They think they can continue slathering on the lipstick and sooner or later that pig is going to be pretty.

This article was originally published by RedState. Read the original article.


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