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Bill Maher Blasts Cancel Culture As ‘A Purge’ – ‘Mentality That Belongs In Stalin’s Russia’


On Friday night’s episode of his HBO show “Real Time,” host Bill Maher ripped into cancel culture as he reacted to the firings of various Olympic officials because of statements they have made in the past. The liberal host went so far as to say that this is “a purge. It’s a mentality that belongs in Stalin’s Russia.”

Maher Blasts Cancel Culture

“This is called a purge. It’s a mentality that belongs in Stalin’s Russia,” Maher began. “How bad does this atmosphere we are living in have to get before the people who say cancel culture is overblown admit that it is in fact an insanity that is swallowing up the world?”

“And that is not a conservative position, my friends,” he added. “My politics have not changed. But I am reacting to politics that have, and this is yet another example of how the woke invert the very thing that used to make liberals liberals. Snitches and bitches, that’s not being liberal.”

Maher Doubles Down

Maher later touched on cultural appropriation, which is something the “woke” crowd loves to call out and use to cancel others.

“This new idea that each culture must remain in its own separate silo is not better, and it’s not progress,” he stated. “And in fact, it’s messing with one of the few ideas that still really does make this melting pot called America great.”

“And that’s the great thing about cultural mixing, it makes things better for everyone,” the host said. BTS can be a hit in America and I can get kimchi on a taco, isn’t that better than everyone walling itself off from outsiders?”

“I thought walls were supposed to be bad,” Maher continued. “But we’re living now in a world where straight actors are told they can’t play gay roles and white novelists aren’t allowed to imagine what it would be like to be a Mexican immigrant, even though trying to inhabit the life of someone else is almost the very definition of empathy, the bedrock of liberalism.”

Maher Sounds Off On Democrats

On this same episode of “Real Time,” Maher argued that white Democrats “are so afraid of being called insufficiently anti-racist” that they’re afraid to talk common sense, and “it’s an indulgence to be impractical. It’s the ultimate example of white privilege.” The host said this while talking about New York City Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams.

“I think black politicians in the Democratic Party have to lead us out of the wilderness,” Maher said. “Because the white — I feel like a guy like you has your finger on the pulse of what the voters want so much better than the people who follow Twitter, and the white politicians in the party are so afraid of being called insufficiently anti-racist. Which is not, of course, something they can level at you.”

“So, you’re free to speak common sense. You are free to speak these words you are speaking tonight,” he added. “And Joe Biden, I think, was saved by the black voters of this country that — our getting him as the nominee, rather.”

“Because, up until then, it was going to be people who were more farther to the left,” Maher concluded. “And there was just a practicality, I think, that goes on in the African American community that white people, it’s an indulgence to be impractical. It’s the ultimate example of white privilege.”

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