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Bombshell Mystery New Witness Revealed In Trump Indictment


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Former head of the National Enquirer David Pecker left the Manhattan courts Monday afternoon amid reports the grand jury had reconvened to hear from another witness in the case of Donald Trump’s hush money payment.

It comes as new reports emerge that the grand jury did not vote on Monday on whether to indict the former president after hearing testimony from Pecker – but are expected to reconvene on Wednesday.

Pecker, who was photographed by leaning over in the back of a car leaving the courthouse on Monday, was involved in controversy surrounding the 2016 presidential election when he bought exclusive rights to stories that could be damaging to Trump’s campaign.

Pecker is linked to the case due to an investigation that he used his role burying unfavorable stories as Trump when he was CEO of American Media, Inc. (AMI), which is the publisher of the Star, the Globe, the National Enquirer, and the Weekly World News.

Pecker offered during an August 2014 meeting with Trump to use the National Enquirer to find, intercept and kill any allegations of sexual affairs against him.

AMI and Pecker came under investigation in 2018 for buying the rights to these stories and then refusing to publish them.

Trump’s attorney at the time Michael Cohen requested AMI buy the rights to Daniel’s story, which Pecker refused. Later, during a February 2019 testimony, Cohen told the House Oversight Committee during a hearing that he and Pecker worked together to ‘catch and kill’ stories that could damage Trump.

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