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Bud Light’s Marketing VP Could Face Some Backlash Over These Photos


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Bud Light doesn’t need a blowtorch to the face right now. They’ve already done that by partnering with a biological male masquerading as a female in their new marketing ploy that’s torched billions in market value. It still boggles the mind that someone at Anheuser-Busch thought this was a good idea: to insult and spit in the faces of its loyal customer base and try to boost profits and market share…by pandering to less than one percent of the population. Transgenders aren’t going to take Bud Light to the next level.

If we follow logic, it’s beer; don’t overthink it. People like alcohol—stop screwing around with something that works. And yet, the work staffers here probably used exaggerated data from social media to extrapolate that Bud Light needed to change when it didn’t. Social media isn’t the real world. How often have we seen this play out, where a social media concept is applied to a real-world scenario, and it blows up in the Left’s face?

One of the drivers for the image overhaul was VP of Marketing Alissa Heinerscheid, saying Bud Light was “out of touch” and “fratty.” The first part is baffling. Has this woman been to a modern sporting event; Bud Light is a staple regarding the selection. The second part isn’t a kill shot but adds to the self-inflicted image problem that Bud Light created. Ms. Heinerscheid’s college party days were a bit “fratty” (via Daily Caller):

The Daily Caller obtained the photos from a source who had screenshots of the album on Alissa Gordon Heinerscheid’s Facebook page, which was titled “Isis Senior Reverse Initiation Scavenger Hunt.” In the album, there are photos of Heinerscheid drinking with others, and holding condoms up to their mouths. An article in the Harvard Crimson describes the club as a “haven of inebriated ditzes.”

Bud Light’s marketing has been criticized in recent days. In late March, Heinerscheid appeared on a podcast, where she promotes Bud Light’s new direction and marketing and said the company needed to update its “fratty” image and change its “out of touch humor.”


The Isis Club “was established in the year 2000 on Harvard University’s campus by agroup of 25 women. The founding meeting took place in the former Loker Commons, and set a foundation for community we have today. Their mission was to provide a positive environment and social network for women to flourish,” an Isis Club new initiate’s book states.

“Before the existence of female social clubs on campus, women’s options for socializing were extremely limited compared to that of their male counterparts. From its very inception, the Isis Club has represented a unique character and personality. With women of diverse backgrounds and interests, Isis women are united together by an undeniable spirit of compassion, fun, and drive. Ever since the first group of punches were inducted in 2002 in the Bel Tower of Lowel House, the Isis Club continues to fulfill its mission of providing and safe social space for women. The Isis legacy is a strong and positive one, which the club knows will be carried on by the many amazing women that are proud to call the Isis Club their own,” the book continues.

We all grow up. We’ve all done things in college we’ve probably regretted, and hopefully, we all mature. Out of the thousands of posts I’ve written for Townhall since I was hired in 2014, there are numerous ones I know I could’ve moderated a bit and sounded less insane. Yes, I regret a lot of them. Not because I was wrong, but I did take unnecessary jabs, especially at John Kasich in 2020. We joke about Biden’s body double, and while it’s an entertaining tin foil hat exhibition, it’s not real. I’m too old for a lot of the stuff I say nowadays.

I couldn’t care less about Heinerscheid acting “fratty” and being part of this sorority-like group in college. That’s normal. But to act as if she never behaved this way and be busted for it adds to the company’s headaches. Also, this trip down memory lane could have saved her and Bud Light from the drama; these ‘fratty’ folks are your customer base. No one cares about social justice issues when they want to get plastered. Heinerscheid knew the mindset of the Bud Light clientele. She was one of them and then decided to self-immolate herself to cater to the transgenders.

Everyone needs to get a grip, and I’m still waiting on the ladies, real women, to tell these biological males to stop insulting them.

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