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By Any Objective Standard, The Biden Presidency Is An Unmitigated Disaster


Before the election, I made it clear, that unlike how Hillary voters acted after 2016, I would accept the outcome of the election. I wouldn’t claim that Joe Biden wasn’t my President and I wouldn’t spend my time working to guarantee he failed by claiming to be part of some ridiculous “resist” movement.

I’m not happy that Joe Biden is the President and I disagree with him on virtually every issue, but as decent human being and a patriotic American I want President Biden to succeed.

Almost four months into the Biden/Harris/whoever-is-actually-in-charge administration, it pains me to tell you that despite my desire for this President to succeed, the reality is that by any objective standard the Biden presidency is an unmitigated disaster.

While the legacy media indulges Liz Cheney for President fantasies and continues to obsess over the January 6 armed insurrection that wasn’t, the Biden administration is facing a growing number of crises – most of which are completely of their own creation.

Given Biden’s open borders rhetoric during his presidential campaign, it came as a surprise to almost no one that illegal immigration spiked immediately upon Biden’s 2020 victory. While the surge in illegal immigration wasn’t surprising, the actual size of the surge continues to astound – with Custom and Border Patrol reporting the highest numbers in more than 20 years.

Instead of accepting the obvious – that a crisis exists – and focusing on actually ending this crisis, the Biden administration has spent the vast majority of its time, energy, and focus on a game of semantics – trying to convince the country that, despite the evidence, no crisis actually exists.

The Biden administration’s incompetence and unwillingness to deal with the situation at the border is sadly not an outlier – indeed, it appears to be standard operating procedure for this White House.

With COVID ending and the economy opening up, economists had expected the April jobs numbers to show a million new jobs added and a dip in the unemployment rate. Instead, the jobs numbers were a total disaster and the unemployment rate actually went up!

Again, instead of accepting how disappointing these numbers were and recognizing that current federal policy was playing a major role in depressing the labor market, the Biden administration again refused to accept reality and amazingly the President claimed, “This month’s job numbers show we are on the right track.”

If the disastrous job numbers weren’t enough, this week the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that inflation was now on the rise, indeed consumer prices surged by 4.2% in April, the largest gain since September 2008.

Despite the inflation fears, the Biden administration has chosen to ignore the numbers and plow ahead with plans to spend trillions more – spending which many economists expect will actually increase inflationary concerns.

It’s not just immigration and economic crises that we are facing (and that the Biden administration is ignoring), we have gone from unprecedented peace in the Middle East under President Trump to a full-fledged disaster.

Indeed, there are now fears that the Hamas-provoked violence could lead to an actual ground war – threatening to pull the entire region into a bloody conflict.

Hamas isn’t the only international terrorist organization sensing to capitalize on the United States’ perceived weakness under Biden – the Russian cyber terrorist group DarkSide brought much of the country’s gas supply to a grinding halt with its hack of the Colonial Pipeline.

The shutdown has left some states on the east coast with over half of their gas stations without gas. The Biden administration’s impotence in helping to fight back against this attack actually led Colonial to pay the cyber terrorists a $5 million ransom to reopen the pipeline.

I hoped I was wrong about Biden. I hoped that Biden – who built his reputation as a pragmatist and centrist – would choose to work with Republicans to find common ground. I had hoped that Biden would at least be willing to make adjustments when its clear his policies weren’t working.

It is crystal clear at this point that my hopes have been dashed. This administration is unwilling to even accept the reality that crises exist at this point, forget actually working to find solutions.

I will continue to pray for this administration, I want them to succeed, but we need to be realistic – so far, it’s a disaster with no signs of getting better any time soon.

This article was originally published by the Political Insider. Read the original article.

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