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Colorado Set to Become Haven for Youth Gender Reassignment Surgeries


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Colorado Democrats over the weekend advanced a bill cosponsored by a transgender representative that would make their state a safe haven for teenagers seeking sex changes.

The Colorado House of Representatives on Saturday passed SB 188, which would require the state’s courts and medical licensing boards to protect doctors who dispense hormones and perform sex changes on teens from states that restrict these surgeries, as well as those who provide abortions. The bill, which was cosponsored by Rep. Brianna Titone (D.), who identifies as transgender, was approved alongside two pieces of legislation that would expand abortion access in the state, all three of which have already passed the state senate.

Colorado is the latest blue state whose legislators have moved to enshrine protections to controversial medical procedures. Oregon Democrats last month passed a package designed to make their state a “haven” for people seeking sex changes and abortions, and Minnesota has passed similar legislation. California lawmakers have advanced a number of similar bills, including one bill that would allow children to check into group homes if their parents do not support their “gender identity.”

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