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‘You Are All Cowards!’: Watch Media Execs Get Pummeled In Epic Fashion


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Activist Jose Vegas fiercely interrupted an event staged at New York City’s Columbia Journalism School featuring executives from some of America’s biggest news publications to challenge their reporting on issues from Nord Stream to Julian Assange.

And a commentary from the Gateway Pundit charged that he “shamed” the editors “for being nothing more than government shills and hacks.”

You can watch the event here, but be aware of some offensive language that appears throughout:

report at Real Clear Politics explained the panel was made up of Joe Kahn of the New York Times, Sally Buzbee of the Washington Post, Kevin Merida of the Los Angeles Times, and Alessandra Galloni of Reuters.

And it included a transcript of most of Vega’s comments:

Oh, is this the lecture hall with Seymour Hersh? I’m looking for the one with Seymour Hersh because it is a policy and press hall event. So shouldn’t we be talking about the Nordstream [pipeline sabotage] since that’s the biggest story of the century? And you guys, I mean, you have the executive editor of the New York Times there, who came out with a phony story to try and block Seymour Hersh. It’s just kind of funny how that happened. I mean, did you guys even acknowledge Seymour Hersh? All of you are executive editors of papers that broke Pentagon, Mai Lai, Watergate, is this the same papers or not? I mean, is there anything you’ve gotten right in the last 20 years, or am I mistaken about that? I mean, it’s just kind of funny because Iraq, wrong, Syria, wrong, Russiagate, really wrong. Okay? I mean, the list goes on and on.

So the last thing you could do to try and actually fix your reputation is acknowledge that through leaks, we had to find out that Zelensky was going to bomb Moscow on the anniversary. I mean, if you’re so impartial, shouldn’t you at least say, right that Zelensky was going to bring us to the verge of World War Three? That seems pretty fair.

While Julian Assange rots in prison, all of you got fat checks because he’s in jail for doing your job. And you know what, Tucker Carlson ain’t no Seymour Hersh, but he did something you guys are scared to do, speak the truth and actually be critical of the war, which is why he was actually fired from FOX, because you are all cowards. Every single one of you. None of you have actually had any relevancy, and you know what? The mainstream press is now dying. nobody’s ever going to listen to you again. You have no credibility with the public, the only people who care about what you have to say are elite a******s who have nothing productive to say anymore, and it’s dying off. So will you at least say something either about Nordstream or Ukraine or the fact that Zelensky brought us to the verge of World War Three and the only reason we knew about that was through leaks?

Go ahead, it’s a free speech event. You guys are the press. Let’s say something here, Mr. Kahn, come on. You’re the executive editor of the New York Times. You know? I’m just trying to get into some good trouble here, man.

Vega eventually was tackled by security guards, pushed down on the ground, and then out of the room.

The Gateway Pundit noted, “The panel discussion was titled, ‘Fault Lines – a panel on building a democratic press.”

It continued, “The elitist editors sat on their hands in shamed silence.”

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