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Watch: Cellphone Captures Shoppers Save Woman From Being Raped, Smash The Hell Out Of The Rapist


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Rapists are the lowest form of life. Or second-lowest just barely above child molesters. One scumbag was prevented from raping a woman inside a Miami Walmart when other customers leapt into action.

The only thing more satisfying than seeing someone beat down a rapist is seeing a whole gang of people beating down a rapist.

Bredan Harvey is the guy in question. According to police, Harvey grabbed the woman’s private parts before pushing her to the ground and ripping off her underwear. The other customers swarmed him and beat him down until police arrived. Harvey is being held without bond because Florida isn’t New York, where criminals are back out on the street by the next day. Florida also isn’t California, where police warn samaritans not to get involved. If the men who stopped the rape had to worry about the rapist suing them, they probably still would have beat the shit out of him. That’s what men do. But it’s pathetic that saving someone might open you up to litigation and charges in some states.

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