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“Dereliction of duty”: 55 days without a presser or border visit from Kamala Harris


“Enough is enough,” Ted Cruz declared yesterday, but the problem is complete insufficiency rather than enough. Nearly two months ago, Joe Biden put Kamala Harris in charge of the border crisis, and ever since she has been hard at work on … er … just about anything else but the border crisis. In fact, as Fox News gleefully points out, Harris hasn’t even made an appearance at a press conference as “border czar,” let alone at the border:

Sunday was the 54th consecutive day that Vice President Kamala Harris has neither visited the border region nor held a news conference regarding her role as President Biden’s appointed manager of the federal response to the crisis. …

The White House, meanwhile, continued to downplay the criticism that Biden and Harris have taken regarding the border. It has repeatedly argued that Harris is focused on addressing the “root causes” of migration, in discussions with Latin American leaders, rather than on the vice president making in-person appearances at the border.

Cruz noted that Harris has made trips to the northern border during the same period, however. He wonders whether the thousands of Canucks crossing over from Canada are being housed:

Cruz’ Senate colleague Rick Scott chimed in:

That’s a little unfair. She’s made a couple of phone calls. That’s something, I guess, or at least the White House wants to pretend it’s a response.

We get why Joe Biden might not want to hold a bunch of press conferences. He did all right in his first major presser, but clearly it’s not his forte. Harris is supposed to be the Rising Star In The Progressive Firmament, though. Why isn’t Harris getting out in front of this with the press? Why isn’t she leading on this issue by going to the border?

Cruz gets this pretty much dead-on: the last thing this administration wants is to encourage reporters to go to the Rio Grande Valley, that’s why. They’d bring cameras, they’d talk to Border Patrol agents, and they would ask questions — a lot of questions. One question they might ask is why Xavier Becerra is asking Congress for more funding in COVID-19 programs while Becerra transfers money out of those accounts to deal with a border crisis Becerra and Biden refuse to acknowledge. Or why the administration wants to change its metrics rather than tell the truth about the border crisis, although that question answers itself.

Enough might be enough if we ever got enough. Instead, all we’re getting is theater — on the wrong border, no less.

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