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Watch: DeSantis Hits Back at Hollywood Over Criticism of Parental Rights Bill: ‘I Wear That Like a Badge of Honor’


Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday signed into law the Parental Rights in Education Act, banning classroom discussions on so-called gender identity and sexual orientation for children in kindergarten through third grade.

At the signing ceremony, DeSantis addressed celebrities in Hollywood opposing the parental rights legislation, saying he’ll wear their disapproval like a “badge of honor.”

“Someone told me that there’s even people in Hollywood that are opposed to providing protections for parents and enforcing parents rights,” the Republican said. “The one thing I’ll say about that is, if the people who held up degenerates like Harvey Weinstein as exemplars and as heroes and all that, if those are the types of people opposing us on parents rights, I wear that like a badge of honor.”


“I don’t care what corporate media outlets say, I don’t care what Hollywood says, I don’t care what big corporations say,” DeSantis continued. “Here I stand. I’m not backing down.”


The law bans “teachers in kindergarten through third grade from providing instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation, require schools to notify parents if there has been any change in a student’s physical, emotional, or mental wellbeing, and would also provide legal recourse to parents to sue if they believe a school has violated any of those agreements,” The Daily Wire reported.

During the Academy Awards on Sunday night, which included violence, co-hosts Wanda Sykes, Amy Schumer, and Regina Hall mocked Florida over the parental rights legislation. The Daily Wire reported:

Three supposed comediennes co-hosted the Oscars Sunday night, as the show, which has been reeling from its plunge in ratings in recent years, attempted to win America over. Co-host Wanda Sykes decided she would alienate plenty of people in Florida by attacking them over the state’s Parental Rights in Education legislation, sniping, “Well, we’re going to have a great night tonight. And for you people in Florida, we’re going to have a gay night.”

She then joined co-hosts Regina Hall and Amy Schumer to chant like defiant four-year-olds, “Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay.”

Actress Jessica Chastain also used her platform to decry supposed “discriminatory and bigoted legislation that is sweeping our country with the only goal of further dividing us,” and general “violence and hate crimes perpetuated on innocent civilians all over the world.”

Authored by Amanda Prestigiacomo via

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