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Disney Tried to Pressure Ron DeSantis Into Bowing to the Woke Mob — Here’s How That Went


One of the dumbest stories currently happening in the country involves the Parental Rights in Education bill, which recently made it through the Florida legislature. It is now headed to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ desk, and he’s promised to sign it into law.

So, why is a bill that simply provides more power to parents and more accountability to educators being so maligned? The answer is that it dares to disallow teaching sexual and gender ideology to Pre-K through third-grade students (that translates to ages 3-7). I know — the absolute horror of small children not being exposed to such things without parental involvement, right?

For their part, the mainstream media have falsely labeled the legislation the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which is a completely false description of what it actually says and does. Nowhere in the entire bill is the word “gay” mentioned, and DeSantis has been quick to point that out when reporters have tried to confront him on the matter.

Of course, since everything is stupid, Disney Corp. has now gotten involved, denouncing the bill publicly. That supposedly happened because employees were complaining; though, there’s precious little evidence of any real backlash. In other words, this appears to be another completely manufactured drama, pushed by a press apparently desperate to groom children. Regardless, after requesting a meeting with DeSantis, Disney CEO Bob Chapek received it in the form of a phone call on Thursday.

Here’s how that went.

I find this incredibly grating for two reasons.

One, if this leftwing corporate stooge can’t be bothered to actually read the bill, what business does he have even commenting on it, much less denouncing it? The allegations he’s pushing about what it does are completely false, and it appears DeSantis was more than willing to let him know that. This is a repeat of the Georgia voter law, where Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and others rushed to oppose a version of it that didn’t actually exist.

Two, why is a private company attempting to dictate anything on this matter anyway? I get that Republicans are usually the party of big business, for better or worse, but count me out on that. If that makes me more of a populist than others, so be it. I have no patience for these woke corporations attempting to shove their deranged values down the throats of normal Americans.

Here’s the reality of the Parental Rights in Education bill. It’s an anti-grooming law and a very much-needed one, given some of the insanity we’ve seen recently. There is no justification for a teacher to ever speak to a small child about “gender ideology” and sexuality, and any adult wanting to do that should be investigated for pedophilia. Parents are not going to sit by and allow that kind of insanity to be normalized and pushed on their children. Some Republicans may cower in the face of the LGBT+ whatever lobby on these issues. DeSantis isn’t going to, and that’s the kind of leadership the GOP desperately needs more of.

To summarize, Disney can go jump in a lake. The voters and their representatives have spoken.

Authored by Bonchie via RedState

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