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Ex-Spy Who Discredited Hunter Biden’s Emails Used WaPo Column to Boost Joe Biden


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The former spy who pushed the false notion that Russia was behind the release of Hunter Biden’s emails at the behest of President Joe Biden’s adviser also used his perch at the Washington Post to help the Democrat’s presidential campaign.

As a contributing columnist for the Post, former CIA deputy director Michael Morell published numerous articles before the election attacking former president Donald Trump and pushing various claims about Russian disinformation. Morell called on Trump’s intelligence chief, John Ratcliffe, to resign in his final Post column on Oct. 12, 2020, a week before he concocted the Hunter letter. In an Oct. 11 piece, Morell said Trump’s financial debt raises national security concerns. In August 2020, Morell made the disputed claim that “the Russians infiltrated Trump’s 2016 campaign.”

Morell was carrying water for the Biden campaign behind the scenes, too. The former intel official admitted in a recent congressional interview that he was behind an Oct. 19, 2020, letter that cast the release of Hunter Biden’s laptop days earlier as a probable Russian disinformation campaign. Morell said he organized the letter, which was signed by 50 other former intelligence officials, after a conversation with Biden adviser Tony Blinken, now the secretary of state. Morell told lawmakers he undertook the initiative to help Biden “win the election.”

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