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First Video of Fetterman Back on the Job Goes Viral, and It Doesn’t Look Good for the Senator


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Sen. John Fetterman is not well.

It’s been obvious from the beginning that the Pennsylvania Democrat was propped up to be elected in November despite serious setbacks from a stroke before the primary in May.

Democrats just wanted a U.S. Senate seat they could control. It’s similar to when they plopped a declining old politician – now an octogenarian — into the White House.

In February, the recently installed Senator Fetterman checked himself into Washington’s Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment of clinical depression.

He was discharged March 31 with his depression “in remission,” according to Walter Reed officials, and the senator returned to Capitol Hill on Monday.

On Tuesday, he posted a tweet Tuesday addressing speculation that he has a body double.

That was the conclusion many on social media reached when a photo made the rounds last month depicting a very different-looking Fetterman.

Fetterman decided to poke fun at the situation on Twitter.

“During my time during the hospital, the fringy fringies really came up with a conspiracy that I have a body double,” the senator said in a video as screenshots of tweets about his “body double” appeared.

“And I just want you to know that is just crazy. That’s not true! And I –”

In the video, Fetterman is interrupted by a low-tech trick photography-based image of an alter-Fetterman entering the room as Grover Washington, Jr.’s song “Just the Two of Us” plays in the background.

A weak attempt at humor, to be sure, and very weird.

But that’s not the worst of it.

On Wednesday, Fetterman chaired a hearing of the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee’s subcommittee on food and nutrition, specialty crops, organics and research.

Even though he was reading a prepared statement, his halting, sometimes barely intelligible opening remarks were painful to watch.

The man is not well.

If you watch the video, your thoughts may align with comments on Twitter.

Of course, there is sympathy for Fetterman suffering the effects of the stroke, and President Joe Biden, like many people his age, apparently cannot avoid mental decline.

While these men share some blame for allowing their ambition to get them to positions they seem to be incapable of holding, most of the fault lies with the cynical enablers who put them there.

A U.S. Senate seat and the office of president of the United States represent solemn trusts to be held by individuals of integrity and honor who acknowledge stewardship. These offices are not personal dukedoms reserved for the egos of individuals or the schemes of a corrupt political party.

Fetterman and Biden are embarrassments — not for their personal physical or mental health issues, but for what they represent has been done to the nation.

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