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Watch: Trans Man In A Wheelchair Gets Into A Fight At A Furry Convention And I Don’t Know Whose Side I’m On


Every so often, the content gods deliver onto us a video that you need to accept for what it is. I’m not sure of the context of this video titled “furry convention canceled for being transphobic.” I’m being active in NOT looking for context. Appreciate a beautiful and brave trans person in a wheelchair throwing down outside a furry festival for what it is.

(NSFW Language)

Those of you at home are staring at your phone as confused as I am right now. Imagine how the furries in attendance felt.

Wikipedia defines a “furry” as a subculture interested in dressing up as anthropomorphic animal characters, ex. “Beto is a furry.” “Furry fandom” is the community of people who gather on the internet or at furry conventions. It’s unclear if this is an official furry “convention.” It could be a furry picnic or a furry get-together in the park. The only thing clear is how this furry recognizes how bad the incident makes the fandom look.

Authored by Brodigan via Louder with Crowder

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