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Watch as Gay Florida resident speaks out against LGBTQ+ indoctrination in public schools


There are very few people who believe public schools should be in the business of indoctrinating children with LGBTQ+ messaging and gender theory idiocy. Basically, it comes down to some drag queens, a bunch of ignorant teachers, and Disney. And if you’re a parent like me, you don’t care what those people have to say about anything, let alone what they think your child should be “learning” in school.

As evidence of the universal rejection of such curricula, a gay man recently went before the Miami-Dade School board and tore it into a new one by pushing for LGBTQ+ history month to be added to the academic calendar in October. It’s fabulous!

I understand the importance of unbiased development. What is happening right now is no longer acceptance. […] It’s indoctrination. I do not use the word lightly, but it’s the truth. The children deserve an education that will develop them, give them a platform for critical thinking and problem-solving. […] What we are pushing right now is not that. We are moving in a direction that will create entitled, confused, depressed, and potentially dangerous adults.

Authored by Joseph Gunderson via Louder with Crowder

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