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Nonprofit organization exposed for secretly pushing gender ideology on your young children: report


Why exactly are large swaths of the younger generations suddenly identifying as queer, transgender, or some form of inane sexual identity? This is obviously the result of a thorough campaign by radical leftists, but how is it getting to our children? Well, much of it might be explained by schools inviting it into their classrooms via organizations and clubs dubbed the GSA Network.

Christopher Rufo has the scoop over at City Journal and, as always, it contains several revelations about which every parent should become immediately informed because radical teachers aren’t doing everything on their own–they’re being aided, counseled, and supported by an organization with vast financial means. The GSA Network is a “nonprofit with a multimillion-dollar annual budget,” organized for the sole purpose of “dismantl[ing] the interlocking ‘systems of oppression” put in place by, you guessed it, straight white men–or the heteronormative patriarchy.

The clubs act as a religion or cult, indoctrinating students to adopt the basic tenets of the faith and act out their penance owed, and all of this centers on supporting “oppressed” minorities be they racial, sexual, or gendered. This, of course, promotes the adoption of one of the oppressed groups; why would you want to be one of the oppressors in this club? But it may be even more sinister.

“The GSA Network tells the adult club “advisors” that they should keep a child’s involvement in the club confidential,” Rufo explains. As part of this, “adult ‘advisors’ to these clubs are intentionally concealing the sexual and political nature of their activities from parents, deliberately misleading families with vague language about ‘acceptance, tolerance, diversity, and identity.’ […] Clinical psychologists are already raising the alarm, warning that some of these practices resemble the tactics of such predators.”

Of course, we’ve noticed an uptick in teachers being caught taking advantage of children. It would seem that setting up little clubs of emotionally vulnerable and cognitively immature children who are struggling with issues of a sexual nature basically creates a buffet from which predators can choose.

This is why the g-words want to push this on children, though, and that isn’t exactly revelatory. Does your child’s school have a GSA?

Authored by Joseph Gunderson via Louder with Crowder

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