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How To Attract Great Tenants to Your Commercial Building

How To Attract Great Tenants to Your Commercial Building


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After your property management company builds or starts managing a new commercial building, you must find new tenants. While you can stick a rental sign outside of the property and hope for the best, this isn’t a good way to attract great tenants. People driving by your commercial building don’t know anything about the property. You must make the property attractive so that people who truly care about the building strive to become your tenants.

Prioritize Security

Some companies worry that security will scare people away from the building instead of attracting them. They think that the area isn’t safe if you need security. However, most businesses pay for some type of private security wherever they rent, so this shouldn’t discourage tenants. They would install their own security cameras, pay for theft insurance, or invest in another type of protection if they owned their own building. Renting from you means they have guaranteed protection, which good tenants will want.

Provide Helpful Communal Amenities

Average tenants who don’t care about the property won’t care about helpful amenities. Great tenants who are looking to grow will search for a commercial building with helpful communal amenities that their employees and customers can enjoy. There are various amenities you can offer, from lots of accessible, well-lit parking to daycare areas and food options. Walk around your property and imagine what amenities can go where.

If you don’t have a lot of extra space, you can still provide helpful communal amenities. Convert an old closet into a coffee bar for employees. Add comfortable benches to your lobby. Install window boxes with perennial plants. The options are endless.

Care for Communal Spaces

These communal amenities and other spaces will need care and maintenance so that your tenants use them and continue to rent with you. Hire a janitorial service or other cleaning services so that these areas are always ready for us. Don’t forget to keep up with the maintenance in other communal areas that aren’t amenities. For example, cleaning the exterior of your business is important because it improves property value and makes tenants feel that you care about their experience.

Ask Tenants What They Want

Another way you can show your tenants that you care about their experience is to ask them what they want. Average or uncaring tenants won’t bother responding to polls or surveys, but great tenants who want what’s best for their business and yours will respond. You can’t give every tenant what they want, but you can listen to their concerns and comments to make your building better for everyone.

Attracting great tenants to your commercial building comes down to creating a good environment for your tenants. When you make tenants feel safe and heard and give them spaces they can enjoy, they will reward you with good behavior and long leases.

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