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Joy Reid Says That Republicans Don’t Believe ‘Non-White Voters Have The Right To Choose The President’


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On Wednesday, MSNBC’s far-left host Joy Reid said that the Republican Party did not believe that “non-white voters have the right to choose the president of the United States.”

Reid made her remarks on her show “The ReidOut.”

Reid On ‘Multiracial Democracy’

In a segment ostensibly about the Democrats’ January 6 select committee with guest Charlie Sykes, a former conservative radio host turned ‘Never Trumper,’ Reid seemed to go entirely off the rails.

The MSNBC host argued that Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney’s attempts to get her fellow Republicans to take the January 6 committee investigation seriously were a waste of time.

Reid said, “It’s beyond clear to me she’s arguing to the ether.”

Reid then said, “We have to stop thinking about this as Republicans being in denial about how bad January 6 was and start thinking of it as them thinking how good it was for them.”

Then Reid seemed to totally change tacks and argued that Republicans don’t believe black people should be allowed to vote.

(To my knowledge, no Republican has made this argument or even hinted at it. She may have also forgotten that America elected a black man President a short while ago.)

“And that they have divorced themselves from the idea of a multiracial democracy because a multiracial democracy means when people who look like me vote for somebody, that person can be allowed to win,” Reid said.

She added, “But what they’re saying is no, that person can’t be allowed to win. Only the people that they decide should be allowed to win can. That is the opposite of believing in multiracial democracy.”

Reid On GOP: ‘They Do Not Believe That Non-White Voters Have The Right To Choose The President’

“That’s the same problem we had after the Civil War,” Reid insisted. “I feel like we still have it.”

“The Republican Party, they don’t believe, they do not believe that non-white voters have the right to choose the president of the United States or any other officers,” Reid finished. “I don’t see any other way around it.”

Tens of millions of non-white voters voted in the Presidential election.

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