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Watch: Kindergarten teacher brags about confusing five-year-olds about their gender

Watch: Kindergarten teacher brags about confusing five-year-olds about their gender


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Last July, the teachers’ union put a poll into the field hoping for data to say Americans (or those in battleground states) hated Ron DeSantis and all his education policies. You know, like how it’s inappropriate to indoctrinate children under the age of ten on sex and gender. Not only did the teachers’ union poll NOT turn out in opposition to DeSantis, but it showed “voters approve of DeSantis’ education policy positions and even some of his rhetoric.”

I think of that when I see videos like this specimen. It’s an alleged kindergarten teacher bragging about how she confuses your five-year-old. You see, there are people in America who hold the political belief you can choose whether you are a boy or a girl. This teacher not only believes it, but she (or maybe he) also pushes those political beliefs on your kids.

Videoes like this take me back to High School. Picture it: 1992. Kris Kross ruled the airwaves. A young Roseanne Barr made us laugh. And a naive Brodigan innocently asked his US History teacher who she liked in the 1992 Democrat Primary. I still recall look of awkwardness on her face because it was inappropriate to discuss personal political views with students. Even when asked a simple question about current events.

1992 is a bygone era. As is 2021, where teachers at least had the sense not to advertise their indoctrination on social media. Now it’s 2023 and teachers believe it’s their right to exploit your five-year-old by pushing their political agenda on them instead of teaching things like sight words. The teachers and their allies act as if they’re NOT the ones who are assholes in this situation. You’re the asshole for thinking this is inappropriate for kindergarten students.

These same teachers, along with the union thugs who control them and the democrats those unions give millions of dollars to, then wonder why a diverse coalition of parents support leaders who are willing to stand up and fight back.

Authored by Brodigan via Louder with Crowder

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