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Law School Application Has Thirteen Genders Options but not “Man” or “Woman”


Applicants for the incoming class of 2021 at City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law were asked to select their gender from a drop down menu containing an astonishing thirteen genders, none of which are “man” or “woman.” Additionally, applicants can choose “decline to answer” or “a gender not listed.” The question is not required and the application can be submitted without answering it.

The application goes on to ask for applicants’ pronouns, with a drop down menu of eleven options, including “xe(i) / xir” and “ze(i) / zir.” If applicants select “I go by different pronouns,” they are invited to send an email indicating their pronouns to an admissions coordinator.

The next and final question in the demographics section is “Do you identify as LGBTQ2IA+?”

For the incoming class of Fall 2022, the gender drop down menu has been revised to add more options. Applicants can now choose “questioning or unsure” “transmasculine” and “transfeminine.” The options for “Cis Male” and “Cis Female” have been updated to say “Cis Man / Male” and “Cis Woman / Female.”

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