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Lemon MELTS DOWN Over ‘Outrageous’ DeSantis, Claims He Wants Children ‘Ignorant’

Lemon MELTS DOWN Over 'Outrageous' DeSantis, Claims He Wants Children 'Ignorant'


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If this is the new CNN, Chris Licht is an abject failure. On Thursday’s CNN This Morning, co-host Don Lemon became completely unglued, describing himself as “riled up” at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and demanded CNN “stand up against” the Republican’s education policies that included schools covering up some of their library books with paper until they can have them screened for appropriateness and ensure they’re not age-appropriate.

After far-left Florida-based correspondent Leyla Santiago filed a report which recalled that some teachers have been putting covers over some of their books until screening can be done to make sure they are not violating the law, which in some cases can be a felony, Lemon looked exasperated as he began his reaction: “Poppy, this is bizarre.”

After co-host Poppy Harlow injected, “I know, I know,” Lemon added:

What are we doing here? I mean, I feel like we’re going back — I feel like I’m watching a bad version of, like, Pleasantville where you’re — I don’t get what’s happening. It feels like the 1950s all over again but like book banning. This — this is — is cancel culture from people who are — I guess they just want our kids to be ignorant and to control the teachers. It is — this is outrageous. I — I really don’t even know how to explain what’s going on here. It’s just ridiculous.

It’s always comical to see liberals decrying government intervention when it runs counter to their woke worldview, isn’t it?

Speaking to Santiago, Harlow soon jumped in to agree:

I’ve got kids just starting to read. And when I read this in your reporting that a teacher could face a felony if they knowingly distribute anything not approved by these DOA-trained professionals — like, that is stunning. You opened your piece, and the books are covered with paper. That’s happening in American classrooms. It’s — wow.

Harlow attempted to strike a balance to insist they believe “parents need a voice” and know what’s being taught in classrooms (even if they agree with it), Lemon chimed in lambaste Harlow’s suggestion as “a red herring” (click “expand”):

LEMON: But this isn’t about a voice in education, Poppy. I think that — I think that’s a red herring. Listen —

HARLOW: — yeah?

LEMON: I understand what you’re saying. I think that’s a red herring because there are lots of uncomfortable topics that are in books.

HARLOW: But you didn’t let me finish.

LEMON: Nazism.

HARLOW: I was just going to say —

LEMON: Mein Kampf. All of that, right, yeah.

HARLOW: — I was just going to say — that was the second part of my thought, Don, is — but I want my kids to read things that are uncomfortable to talk about and have these hardest conversations —

LEMON: Yeah.

HARLOW: — at home and in the classroom. So —

LEMON:  That’s how we learn about — that’s how we learn. Things are uncomfortable. History is uncomfortable. Even the present — the moment we are in is uncomfortable. Being here in Memphis and discussing a man being beaten by police and five officers turning themselves in and who could possibly face charges — that is uncomfortable. Not everything is happy, happy, joy, joy —

HARLOW: — yep.

LEMON: — and in order to grow as human beings and as a country and as a democracy, we have got to be able to face these things that are in our past.

Lemon then tied the need to be “uncomfortable” in school to where he was in Memphis reporting on the Tyre Nichols case. Through all of this, there was no word if he believes sexually explicit material should extend to kindergartners and CRT to middle and high schools)

Before moving on, Lemon fired off one more missive at DeSantis and further planting CNN’s flag as firmly anti-DeSantis if the governor mounts a 2024 presidential campaign: “[I]t is outrageous. People — Ron DeSantis, stop it. You’re not helping — you’re hurting…These things totally just get me riled up. And you know what? Everybody should be riled up. We got to stand up against this stuff. It is outrageous.”

Authored by Brad Wilmouth via Newsbusters

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