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Man Is Attacked by Two Armed Robbers, Wrestles One to the Ground, Demonstrates His Real-Life John Wick Skills


Move over Keanu Reeves! This man doesn’t need the Hollywood magic–the camera angles, smoke machines, flashing lights, and multiple takes–to fend off multiple armed assailants. He just needs a security camera rolling and the situation to occur.

According to the Philadelphia Police Department, this occurred on July 11 at around 1:49 PM. While most people were probably starting to digest their lunches, this guy was going ham on some idiots who didn’t understand who they were screwing with!

The guy in the black hoodie comes at our hero in the blue shirt. Hero takes him to the ground and starts wrestling away the hoodlum’s gun. At that time, his buddy runs up wanting a piece, and our guy grabs the dude’s gun and fires it on the second armed robber, injuring him and the first puss runs away, probably scared out of his mind, thankful Mr. Wick didn’t tear his throat out with a knife hidden in his shoe!

Mr. Bad*ss is 46 years old, too! He sustained injuries: gunshot wounds to “his buttocks and left ankle.” That’s it? I’m 33, and I would be far more messed up if I had just taken on two armed hoods. But Jack Bauer there is cooler than me. Luckily, this didn’t happen in New York, or our friend here would probably be up on charges.

Steve Keely with Fox29 Philadelphia summed it up pretty well:

“While police say it’s never a good idea to fight armed robber, they secretly admit ‘this victim is a genuine badass.’”

Someone buy this man a beer. He’s seen some things and done some stuff.

Authored by Joseph Gunderson via Louder with Crowder

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