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Marjorie Taylor Greene Leaves 60 Minutes Interviewer Fuming After Answer on Democrats Sexualizing Children


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Marjorie Taylor Greene appeared on 60 Minutes on Sunday evening, leading to some heated exchanges. Her appearance set off a firestorm of complaints from the left who insisted CBS News was promoting fascism by giving her the platform.

Lesley Stahl, who famously beclowned herself while interviewing Donald Trump back in 2020, conducted the interview, and for the most part, it was what you’d expect. A clip of Greene answering a question would play followed by some b-roll and an overdub asserting that Greene wasn’t telling the truth. Expectedly, 60 Minutes did that when the 2020 election came up, insisting that “experts” had determined it was the “most secure” election in history.

There was one exchange that was especially interesting, though. In it, Stahl pressed Greene on her previous assertions that some Democrats are pedophiles. That was related to the current push to sexualize children and perform “gender-affirming” surgeries on minors.

Greene’s answer left Stahl visibly fuming.

GREENE: Democrats support, even Joe Biden the President himself supports, children being sexualized and having transgender surgeries. Sexualizing children is what pedophiles do.

STAHL: Wow, okay.

Greene uses the word “pedophile” when the word “grooming” is probably a better fit for what she’s specifically talking about, but still, it’s instructive how Stahl clearly doesn’t want to actually deal with the topic at hand. When the congresswoman finishes her answer, accurately pointing out that Democrats support the mutilation and sexualization of children, from transgender surgeries to drag shows, Stahl rolls her eyes in a huff. What she doesn’t do is tell Greene that she’s wrong.

That’s because what the congresswoman said is true. There is actually a broad, top-down movement within the Democratic Party to cut the breasts off of girls and to chemically castrate boys in the name of transgender ideology. The euphemism “gender-affirming care” doesn’t change the reality of what is happening. Further, there is also a broad, top-down left-wing moral panic over laws that simply prevent “drag queens” from performing sexually in front of underage children. Nowhere have general drag performances been banned.

Stahl doesn’t want to deal with that stuff, though, because even she knows it’s insane. But she also knows that she’s a far-left activist that must toe the line on everything her party puts forth. If that means defending the permanent mutilation of young children in the name of the transgender lobby so be it. Stahl will step up to the plate and take her at bat.

Democrats are facing a messaging crisis, right now. While the mainstream press and woke corporations are fully on board with the objective derangement of pushing transgenderism on children, most Americans still hold normal views on the topic. It’s a fence that can’t be straddled over the long term. Eventually, these abused kids are going to grow up and tell their stories, and they aren’t going to be happy ones. History is not going to look back kindly on those who supported mutilating children for short-term political gain, and even then, I’m not convinced Democrats will even receive that.

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