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New Study on National Division Finds Startling Results


New research conducted by The Common Good in conjunction with Emerson College Polling shows that Americans are dangerously divided, with a third believing that political violence is sometimes justified.

As part of their efforts to identify causes and potential solutions, the group created an annual index that measures and tracks the level of national division. The Common Good Index of National Division (TCGI) for 2022 is 71 and it highlights some dangerous and disturbing findings.

  • 62% believe the country is so divided, it can no longer operate effectively (30% strongly).
  • 78% believe the greatest threat to the country is from internal rather than external forces.
  • 61% believe national division is a threat to democracy.  71% of Republicans, and 61% of Democrats.
  • 43% believe a civil war is likely.  51% of Republicans, and 40% of Democrats.
  • 52% of Americans now say they have friends and family with whom they can no longer discuss politics civilly or respectfully.

“National division is a clear and ongoing threat to our democracy,” said Patricia Duff, founder of The Common Good. “Our survey shows that the primary driver of this discord is party politics with news media following as the second leading cause.  We believe that only by quantifying, tracking, and understanding it can we develop real solutions, lower the temperature and promote a constructive and healthy national discourse.”

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