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New York Times Calls For Mentally Ill To Be Euthanized


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Left-wing newspaper The New York Times has called for mentally ill people to be euthanized, arguing that the expansion of “assisted suicide” is “moral progress.”

In a recent article, the NY Times makes its case for people “suffering from psychological torture” to be put out of their misery.

Ironically, while pushing for expanded “suicide” laws, the Times also admits many who experience intense mental suffering eventually “find themselves grateful for their lives once the suicidal moment or attempt has passed.”

The piece, titled “Medical Assistance in Dying Should Not Exclude Mental Illness,” was penned by Canadian writer Clancy Martin.

Martin begins by describing his own personal suicide attempts when he was younger.

“My first attempt to kill myself was when I was a child,” he writes.

“I tried again as a teenager; as an adult, I’ve attempted suicide repeatedly and in a variety of ways.”

Despite his failed efforts, the author admits to being grateful for having survived each attempt.

“And yet, as a 55-year-old white man (a member of one of the groups at the highest risk for suicide in America) and the happily married father of five children, I am thankful that I am incompetent at killing myself,” he writes.

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