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Newly Released Jan. 6 Documents Reveal Officer Never Filed Report In Shooting Death of Ashli Babbitt


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A 102-page Department of Justice document obtained by Judicial Watch on Tuesday reveals that U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd, who shot and killed unarmed protestor Ashli Babbitt at the Jan. 6 riots, never filed a police report on her death and he had a prior ‘use of force’ investigation on his record.

The report, the result of a Freedom of Information Act request, also interestingly reveals that DOJ replaced the words “group” and “crowd” with the word “mob” several times in documents explaining the decision not to prosecute Officer Byrd for Babbitt’s killing.

The killing of Ashli Babbitt by police is notable in that Babbitt, and unarmed Air Force veteran and Trump supporter, was the only person killed that day.

Lt. Michael Byrd Shot And Killed Ashli Babbitt

Further, the identity of the shooter had been unknown for months, until Lt. Michael Byrd announced it himself in a TV interview.

Investigator Paul Sperry had written for RealClearInvestigations that Byrd had been cleared of wrongdoing without any interview, and the latest documents from Judicial Review reveal that Byrd “did not create any police reports or documents relating to the incident, and did not provide an official statement regarding the use of force.”

“These records show that Lt. Byrd was given special treatment by the Biden DOJ and that there was a miscarriage of justice in the half-baked shooting death investigation of Ashli Babbitt,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton claims. “Lt. Byrd, who works for Congress, shot an unarmed woman for no good reason. I suspect that this unjustified shooting isn’t of much interest to the Pelosi rump January 6 committee.”

Additional Details

The document also reveals is that there is no closed-circuit TV footage available for the location where Babbitt was killed.

The memo notes that, “There are several USCP operated Closed-Circuit Television Video (CCTV) cameras inside of the United States Capitol Building. However, there were no CCTV cameras observed or located in the Speaker’s Lobby area.” 

Past documents obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that another officer described Byrd as “nervous, teary-eyed, and appeared very upset. His voice also shaky when he called for medical assistance over the radio.”

The latest document notes that Lt. Byrd while did not create a police report, he did give an account of events to his lawyer.

“He [Byrd] did not create any police reports or documents relating to the incident, and did not provide an official statement regarding use of force” the note states. “Though he did provide a voluntary “debrief” and walk-through of the scene with his lawyer.

The final question involves a piece of evidence that has gone missing. A footnote in the report makes mention of it.

“During the debrief of Lieutenant Byrd, he did recall writing a few sentences on an evidence bag the evening of January 6, 2021, at the request of a crime scene officer. To date, the bag has not been located by USCP or MPD.”

It’s possible there was nothing wrong with the use of force in this instance, but basic questions about this event don’t seem to get any hearing in the major media or the January 6 select committee.

Considering that a young woman lost her life, these issues should be investigated further.

Authored by Deborah Fransico via The Political Insider 

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