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Punk Pours ‘Gasoline’ on Random Truck, Fun Immediately Ends When Old Man Whips Out a Pistol


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A live streamer’s “prank” ended in a weapon being drawn after the jokester took things too far.

The video of the unknown prankster surfaced this week and quickly gained attention over the actions of one would-be victim.

In the nearly minute-long clip, the live streamer is seen first running up to a car and dumping the contents of a red gasoline can over it. The driver, who was in the car when the sick “prank” began, is told by the punk “I’m burning your car down, bro. F*** your car man, it’s over.”

The terror for this driver didn’t end there; the punk with the fuel canister began sparking his lighter while his victim demanded to know why he was being menaced.

Instead of explaining, the prankster chases the terrified driver while splashing him with the gasoline can. Finally, he admits that it’s water.

The next would-be victim was not the running type, and the prankster nearly paid the price for it.

In the second part of the video, an older man is seen getting into his truck before the punk with the gasoline can strikes again. Pouring the liquid over the vehicle’s hood, the prankster shouts “Kanye 2020.”

The man comes around the side of the car and reveals himself to be armed.

Seeing the pistol causes an instant attitude adjustment in the prankster, who rushes to tell the man it’s a prank and the liquid is water.

The old man then gives a life lesson this punk isn’t soon to forget. Watch the encounter below to see his reaction.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language that some readers may find offensive.


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