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Recording Exposes Homosexual Teacher’s Bullying Of Students


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A British homosexual teacher at a state-run “academy school” in London was secretly taped telling his students that (pro-)”LGBTQ” education is mandatory and if they disagree with it, “you need to go home and have a conversation with your parents” and ask them: “Why are my values so different to what Britain is? Why have I got this view? Where does it come from?”

Pro-“LGBTQ+ History 2023” notice posted on the website of Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy website. The secondary school outside London paid students the equivalent of $25 to visit a pro-‘LGBTQ+ History’ exhibit at the British Museum.

The 40-year-old teacher at the state-run secondary school Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy near London has not been identified. In the audio, he conflates opposition to LGBT behavior (“relationships”), and not valuing his “gay” self-identity – i.e., disagreeing with LGBT ideology or identity politics – with not “valuing” him personally. This is a common debate tactic of LGBT activists.

“I cannot tell you how much having people not recognize who I am and openly say that they don’t value who I am, because when you say, ‘I don’t agree with LGBTQ people,’ you’re saying you don’t value me,’” he is heard saying on the audiotape.

WND has learned that the school in question paid its students the equivalent of $25 to visit a pro-“LGBTQ+ History” exhibit at the British Museum to celebrate February as “LGBTQ History Month.” The exhibit they were paid to visit, called the “Desire, Love, Identity: LGBTQ Histories Trail,” seeks to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism in human history.

In a column Wednesday, Canadian writer Jonathon Van Maren said the audio clip of a “teacher reading his students the riot act … really encapsulates the attitude of educators towards diversity (of thought).” Van Maren’s article appeared in LifeSiteNews, a leading international Catholic pro-life and pro-natural-family news site.

The audio captured by an anonymous student was tweeted out by Turning Point UK, a British offshoot of Turning Point USA, the popular conservative college student group headed up by MAGA conservative Charlie Kirk. TPUK bills itself as “the largest conservative activist movement in the U.K.”

The activist-minded British instructor equates opposition to homosexuality to opposing people on the basis of their race, although the later is inborn and unchangeable while “genetic homosexuality” has never been proven, and many men and women who once were LGBT-identified have left those lifestyles and aberrant identities behind.

Van Maren says that the audio clip, which drew much criticism (and some liberal support) on Twitter, provides “a perfect microcosm of how entitled, post-Christian educators feel about the indoctrination they’ve been tasked with.”

Speaking for countless conservatives and traditionalists the world over, he writes, “What we have found as the LGBT movement achieved cultural dominance is that for progressives, ‘diversity’ is where people look different, but think the same.”

‘You don’t have a choice’
Maren transcribes the activist teacher’s stern words to his students (the tape provides little context as to what inspired his rant) [emphasis added]:

“Let me make this very clear,” the teacher tells his students. “You don’t have a choice whether or not you learn about LGBT+ in this school. You don’t have a choice. It’s one of our values, and if you refuse to do it, that will be dealt with severely. Why would I not? Why would I care if anyone in this room wants to love somebody, whether it be a man or a woman? Why would I care if someone wants to say: ‘Do you know what? I don’t know if I’m more male or more female. I’m exploring.’ Why does that matter to me?”

It’s a good question, because it obviously matters to this man very, very much. He goes on: “It doesn’t hurt you, but it definitely hurts other people by the words you use. You don’t understand that this has an impact.” When he was in school, the teacher said, he’d been bullied by the girls, and he hasn’t forgotten it. “Why would anyone choose to say something that would hurt anyone else? Let me make this very clear: You don’t have a choice whether or not you learn about LGBT+ in this school. You don’t have a choice. It’s one of our values, a British value … and if you say something that’s derogatory or could hurt somebody else in this room, that is very serious, and it is as serious as if you were using racist language. Do not do it.”

“That’s the value,” the teacher concluded. “That’s the approach we take in this school. And if there are people sat here who don’t agree with what I’m saying, you need to go home and have a conversation with your parents. Say: ‘Why are my values so different to what Britain is? Why have I got this view? Where does it come from?’ The only thing you can be taken out of [class for] is sex education, and that is from your parents … Nobody in this room has done that. LGBTQ is not sex education. That is relationships. You do not have the authority or the ability to refuse to do it. I cannot tell you how much having people not recognize who I am and openly say that they don’t value who I am, because when you say ‘I don’t agree with LGBTQ people,’ you’re saying you don’t value me.

Academic ‘hostages’?

Van Maren opines that in the next part of the recording, “the teacher is forcing a hostage audience of children to affirm his identity,” as the activist-instructor tells the youth in his charge: “I’ve given a lot to this world … I’ve adopted two children.”

“Why should I be judged based on who I choose to love?” the man says. “Whether you agree or not, don’t say something that’s going to make me or someone like me feel less human.”

As his rant finishes, the teacher asks: “Anyone got any questions?”

“Unsurprisingly, there are none,” Van Maren writes.

Van Maren concludes his essay: “That teacher’s tirade – and his tone is almost jarringly aggressive – is a good encapsulation of what public education looks like. There is not multiculturalism here – only a monoculture, flying the ‘Progress’ flag, or ‘Pride’ flag, or transgender flag. There is no choice. There is no diversity. There is no dissent. And if you come from a family with traditional values, this homosexual teacher wants you to go home and berate them and ask them why you’re different and then convert to his values, instead.”

Over the last few decades, with the proliferation of leftist agendas in schools, many parents have fretted over the type of adult manipulations that go on in their child’s classroom, where the power dynamic between teacher and student heavily favors the former – even if a student were brave enough to confront his teacher’s jaundiced “lessons.”

But now, especially with a camera-phone in every kid’s hand and conservative undercover reporting popularized by James O’Keefe, formerly of Project Veritas, it is inevitable that more and more teachers’ indoctrination tactics will be exposed to the world. That’s bad news for leftist instructors who often regard parents, especially Christian and religious parents, as their ideological enemy.

Paying students to be indoctrinated in LGBTQ+

In England, an “academy school” like SCWA is a “state-funded school which is directly funded by the Department for Education and independent of local authority control,” according to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. As of January 2022, it states that “80 percent of secondary schools, 39 percent of primary schools and 43% of special schools are already academies.”

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is not shy about its support for out-and-proud homosexuality, bisexuality and the “transgender” movement – even paying its students to receive one-sided, pro-“LGBTQ+” history lessons.

On Feb. 3, in honor or “LGBTQ+ History Month” (February), one of dozens of special days and months on the calendar created by LGBT activists to celebrate their immoral lifestyles, SCWA advertised on its website, under the headline “Arts & Culture Award: LGBTQ+ History Month,” an “award” for students who would visit a pro-LGBTQ+ History exhibit at the British Museum. The award is 20 British pounds, about $25 U.S.

The exhibit, called “Desire, Love, Identity: LGBTQ Histories Trail,” is clearly designed to promote the idea that homosexuality and transgenderism have been a normal part of history – as opposed to sinful and aberrant as taught throughout 5,000 years of Judeo-Christian (biblical) history.

To get their 20-pound “award,” according to the SCWA website, students were required to “visit the trail at the British Museum during LGBTQ+ History Month (February) and submit photographs at each of the key artifacts listed on the trail, with a brief overview of your experience of your visit. … Please share your evidence by emailing Mr. Warburton.”

Laurence Fox, British actor and leader of the Reclaim Party, tweeted out the SCWA notice, commenting: “This is the gender cultist, child indoctrination centre which should be a school teaching young people plurality of thought, but instead it beats the alphabet drum at maximum volume. Poor kids…”

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