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Woman Sets Up Camera and Perfect Lighting to Have Totally Organic Meltdown Over Roe v. Wade


Meltdowns over the Roe v. Wade overturn have been tasty and nurturing, so far. TikTok is the social media platform of choice for leftists who can’t calm down and are trying to emote. Though, some people try too hard, like this woman.

If you want to have an effective meltdown, one that makes me believe your commitment to the cause, planning ahead takes away from that. One of two things happened prior to this video. Either this woman called ahead to her roommate and said to have the equipment set up because she’s coming in hot. Or this specimen set up the camera and lighting, positioned everything perfectly, took a deep breath, and then had her choreographed meltdown before editing the video. This makes me doubt her commitment to Sparklemotion.

Let’s give examples. Here is a meltdown from when Ruth Bader Ginsberg croaked. The same RBG whose selfishness and ego are why we no longer have a Roe v. Wade. She just got the news while she was driving, grabbed her phone, and let loose.

She makes me believe her outrage. As opposed to this woman, who wanted us to believe she couldn’t calm down about Ron DeSantis. Sadly, the DeSantis Derangement Syndrome account got yeeted off Twitter, so I don’t have the video to embed. But our friend here positioned her camera, decided how she was going to storm into the room, how hard she was going to slam the door, what direction to fling her purse, and then she just screamed. It was all scripted and premeditated. I don’t feel the derangement because I don’t believe the derangement.

If Screaming Susan wants us to believe how angry she is that she can’t abort choices, do a spontaneous selfie video. The more planning that goes into your performance, the less I believe you.

Authored by Brodigan via Louder with Crowder

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