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Watch: Mother trolls school board with seven-point ‘School Board Expectations’ list for the new year


Parents are getting ready to send their kids back to school. Part of that has to do with taking out a second job in the Biden inflation economy to afford school supplies. The other part is prepping their kids for having to get up early, be dressed at a certain time, and wondering how bad their school is going to indoctrinate them with the Democratic Party’s Marxist agenda. Some teachers send home a “classroom expectations” list for students. Jennifer Alvey sent back a “school board expectations” list for an Arizona school board.

The school district disabled the embedding of the video. Still, you can hear Ms. Alvey’s full testimony here (timestamped around 33:00). Also, I guess turning the camera off when certain parents speak is a new thing they’re doing now.

To summarize Ms. Alvey’s list:

1. Anything the school buys, provides, or is made available to students should be made available for the public to review.

2. Since schools said remote learning was acceptable during the pandemic, that same technology can be used so parents can review what their kids are learning.

3. Teachers and administrators must keep their politics out of the classroom.

4. Since our kids are being given laptops from the school with internet access, the school needs to verify the student’s privacy and that “NO content/data from our children’s use of these devices will be collected, reviewed, provided, sold, forwarded, or otherwise accessed” by anyone outside of the school district.

5. Be more accommodating of students with special needs.

6. Teachers, administrators, and school board members must be held accountable for bad performance.

7. Stop sending law enforcement after parents. That shouldn’t have to be on the list, but it needs to be on the list.

These are all things that should be expected from every public school board without having to be written out and demanded. Yet, here we all are. The question is if your school board needs a reminder, too.

Authored by Brodigan via Louder with Crowder

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