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Watch: Woke School Board Cuts Mother Off, So Her Son Saves The Day And Hammers Them With Reality


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I’ve been out of school for thirty years this June. A lot has changed since then. Most notably, our parents didn’t have to show up at school board meetings and ask the school board to please not provide porn and other sexual materials to students. We discovered sex and porn the old-fashioned way: with a stack of nudie mags in the woods or by pushing the “3” and “7” buttons together at the same time on the cable box. Now, the woke Marxist tw*ats who run our public schools feel graphic sex is the only way to teach “tolerance” and “inclusion.”

There is some context missing from this video, such as the comments the mother was allowed to make and her specific issue. I believe we’ve seen enough of these videos to fill in the blanks. The focus is on her son saving the day and the point he made.

If you Google [these topics] on our Chromebooks [provided by the school], type on our Chromebook, search on our Chromebooks, it’s immediately flagged. You block us from consuming this content on our Chromebooks because it’s not something children should be consuming in a school environment. Or frankly, at all. But then you leave it available to us in our libraries for students to freely read. That’s a double standard that I don’t think should be in schools. None of this should be in our schools. There’s no educational value to any of this in our libraries. I think you guys understand that.

Shout out to this young king coming to his mother’s defense. We mama’s boys have to stick together.

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