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Something Off Is Noticed About Obama as He’s Seen with Wife Out and About – Then a Pattern Becomes Clear


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Former President Barack Obama has been caught not wearing his wedding ring several times in recent years, even though it was a staple of his dress code during his two terms in the White House.

The latest incident occurred Monday when the 44th president and his wife, former first lady Michelle Obama, were photographed outside the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

The climate alarmist flew into town on a private jet to headline an event called “An Evening with President Obama” at the Aware Super Theatre Sydney on Tuesday.

A Twitter photo from the speaking engagement showed Obama without his gold band.

The former president was also photographed sans wedding ring in the days preceding his public appearance.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama was photographed looking glum during her stay Down Under.

Twitter users have noticed Barack Obama’s missing wedding ring for several years.

In 2015, The Washington Free Beacon remarked that the then-president’s ring was “noticeably missing” during a weekend at Camp David.

In 2016, liberal fashion magazine Glamour went into damage-control mode, claiming Obama sometimes doesn’t wear his ring because he’s afraid to lose it.

“Even with all of the Secret Service agents surrounding him, Obama still takes the utmost precautions with his beloved wedding ring,” it said. “How’s that for a sweet husband?”

That’s an interesting spin, but he wore it constantly when he was president, even while playing basketball and golfing.

The ringless pattern escalated after the Obamas left the White House after his second term ended in 2017.

In December 2022, Michelle Obama revealed that she “couldn’t stand” her husband for 10 years. That’s about one-third of their 31-year marriage.

“There were 10 years where I couldn’t stand my husband,” she said.

No marriage is perfect, and it’s silly to presume that Barack Obama eschewing his wedding ring is a reflection of the state of their relationship.

However, the corporate media rabidly promote inane gossip and innuendo about former President Donald Trump centered around much less significant details.

But then again, unlike Obama, Trump was not elevated to god-like status by the media.

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