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Resurfaced video of student kicked out of class for stating the obvious about gender goes viral


A recently resurfaced video from 2019 is making the rounds on social media, and it’s for good reason because it demonstrates just how far the entire West has fallen. It illustrates just how pervasive the radical leftist ideology has managed to become, unchecked in a system run and staffed by some of the most ardent and persistent propagandists the left has to offer.

But you can judge this insanity yourself.

This empty-headed buffoon actually calls it an opinion when the student has the audacity to simply say there are only two genders. It’s an opinion!? And this is a school. This is supposed to be a place where students are taught, but like nearly all institutions of education, it has become a kind of camp where people go to undergo brainwashing.

Authored by Joseph Gunderson via Louder with Crowder

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