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Students stage mask revolt across Washington state


Katie Daviscourt reported from Washington state on Wednesday on the protests against mask mandates staged by students with Turning Point USA. The students said “we are done wearing masks” and they are tired of being kicked out of class for non-compliance.

The students tried to get into Washougal High School and were diverted back into the parking lot.

Daviscourt reported that students will refuse to return to class until the mask mandates for students are lifted. Many states, including New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Virginia, Oregon and New York have lifted mask mandates, though in New York and California those mandates are still in place for school children.
One student, who refused to mask at school, said that she was threatened with suspension if she didn’t either leave or don a face mask.

Daviscourt, who is also a Post Millennial contributor, said that many more walkouts and protests were planned for today, and are ongoing.

Authored by Libby Emmons via The Post Millennial

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