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Syracuse Professor calls 9/11 an attack on ‘heteropatriarchal capitalistic systems’, system many white Americans protect


A Syracuse Professor, Jenn M. Jackson tweeted calling the attacks on September 11, 2001, a strike against ‘heteropatriarchal capitalistic systems’. Jenn M. Jackson, an assistant professor of political science, made the remarks in a series of tweets on Friday, a day before the 20th anniversary of the attacks that killed 2,977 people.

‘We have to be more honest about what 9/11 was and what it wasn’t. It was an attack on the heteropatriarchal capitalistic systems that America relies upon to wrangle other countries into passivity,’ wrote Jackson, who uses they/them pronouns.

‘It was an attack on the systems many white Americans fight to protect,’ they added.

Jackson’s tweets, which have since been set to private, came as the professor remarked on how they were ‘really disturbed by how many white pundits and correspondents talk about’ 9/11, according to the Daily Wire.

Jackson criticized the notion ‘that 9/11 was the first time that Americans ever felt fear.’

‘White Americans might not have really felt true fear before 9/11 because they never felt what it meant to be accessible, vulnerable, and on the receiving side of military violence at home. But, white Americans’ experiences are not a stand-in for “America,”‘ they wrote.

‘Plenty of us Americans know what it’s like to experience fear and we knew before 9/11. For a lot of us, we know fear *because* of other Americans,’ Jackson continued.

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Her comments received sharp backlash on social media.

Journalist Matt Taibbi responded to her tweet: “Of course, because if Osama bin Laden was about anything, it was striking down heteropatriarchy…

Journalist and political commentator, Meygn Kelly had this sharp response to the tweet: “As an S.U. poli-sci grad, I just wanted to say, Ms. Jackson, you can F right the hell off. @SyracuseU – you ok with this?

Despite the blowback, Syracuse University defends Jenn M. Jackson’s controversial 9/11 tweets. Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud and Dean David Van Slyke addressed the matter in a joint statement to students, faculty, and staff on Monday, saying that Jackson would not be disciplined for the comments.

“This weekend marked the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It was a time to reflect on the senseless loss of life, the heroism of many and how that event shaped our country and the world.

Recently, one of our professors shared thoughts on 9/11 on social media. These comments have been the subject of much scrutiny and vehement disagreement by critics. That is their right, just as our professor has the right to free speech, however uncomfortable it may make anyone feel. What cannot be tolerated are the harassment and violent threats that we have seen in response that have been directed at this professor. Our Department of Public Safety is in contact with the professor and has engaged the support of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Some have asked the University to condemn the professor’s comments and others have demanded the professor’s dismissal. Neither of those actions will happen. As the home of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, free speech for all people across the political spectrum, within the limits of the law and the University’s anti-harassment policy, is one of our key values.  Speech can be offensive, hurtful or provocative. Still, Syracuse University will stand by the principles of free speech and by our commitment to keeping our community safe in the face of threats and harassment.”

Apparently, it’s cool and trendy to trash on the United States.

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