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The French Got It Right on Woke Language; Why the Foundation Matters


I have loved words since I learned to talk and read. I was reading before I entered kindergarten. According to my cousin Ricky (may he rest in peace), at 6, I was talking to him in full sentences and using words that were above my age grade. I have heard that people who are real mathematicians see colors and pictures when they do their thing with numbers. It’s that way for me with words—they dance, tell me where they need to go, and are very much like children with distinct personalities: the challenge is to get them to work in concert with each other, like a beautiful symphony.

So imagine my pain over the way the Left is massacring the English language to suit their agenda and Woke philosophies. It takes that beautiful symphony and turns it into Björk. And the reaction to my ears hearing it is the same when I hear her… singscream.

But, Viva La France! The French care about their history and their language more than they care about being “woke.”

American English is based heavily on Spanish, French, a hodgepodge of many other languages, which is what makes us so unique, and frankly, kind of cool. Granted, if I wasn’t a native speaker, I’d probably be pulling my hair out, because when your language is based on usage and shades of meaning, rather than concrete meaning (like Romance and most Indo-European languages), then it’s a challenge—at least that’s what my second language speaking friends tell me. I remember I, and an Asian co-worker who was a second language speaker, were talking with our boss. The Boss used the idiom, “I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth,” to which we both laughed. The Boss said a few other things and then walked away. My co-worker immediately pulled me aside and asked what did she mean by it.

That is American English in a nutshell.

Language is our foundation, and respect and care for the foundation are how you keep building a shared heritage, and frankly, a strong nation. But of course, the Left knows this, which is why they do their best to take a sledgehammer to it.

France has banned the use of gender-neutral language in schools, citing “harm” to the learning of the French language.

In a decree sent to schools across France, the country’s education ministry aimed to end the use of midpoints that designate both masculine and feminine endings to words. As the Telegraph reported, in the French language, nouns reflect the gender of the object they are referring to and the masculine ending is usually dominant.

For example, a group of friends including five women and one man would be written as “amis” but a midpoint would change the spelling of the word to “ami.e.s.”

The education ministry’s decree seeks to end the use of the midpoint in words, stating that it create confusion in learning the language.

When you do not have a common language, you cannot communicate with your fellow countryman or woman. Instead of our American educational system heeding this, the evil Marxists who have infected it to the core are giving us:

Hospitals changing birth mother to “birthing persons” and not using “birth milk” and “father.”

A British train company apologizing for its employees for using “Ladies and Gentleman.”

Merriam Webster changing definitions in the dictionary to fit the Leftist agenda.

And the most ridiculous—if you can’t understand someone’s accent, then you’re a language racist!

How about just being hard of hearing? Most of your finer levels of hearing disappear after 35. So I’m probably the biggest language racist there is.

It’s the theater of the absurd, except it’s not funny. We have a generation who cannot read cursive, who cannot read a book before 1990 because they do not understand the language and the themes are too racist, sexist, not politically correct, etc.

My friend Kirk, who was in his 50s at that time, worked as a cameraman in the entertainment industry. He used to ask my niece Gabi, who was 16, about the latest slang words so he could understand what the production assistants and other “kids” were talking about.

Now, it’s not just slang. I can barely talk to anyone 20 years younger than me without the help of a translator.

Get off my damn lawn, and leave the words I love, alone.

This article was originally published by RedState. Read the original article.

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