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Tips for Making Your Business ADA Compliant

Tips for Making Your Business ADA Compliant


The ADA or American Disabilities Act is a law that requires accessibility for buildings and businesses and prohibits discrimination based on ability. Making sure that your building meets ADA requirements can prevent access issues and help you reach new people with your services. Here are some tips for making your business ADA compliant.

Hire ADA Specialists

The first thing you should do is hire a specialist who can investigate your building and determine ways to make it more accessible. This is important as you can count on these specialists to create a building design that’s accessible and will follow ADA regulations.

Talk To the Community

Many businesses make the mistake of trying to come up with the answers themselves, but people within the disabled community know best. Reach out to leaders of local groups and advocates to get the most reliable information on how you can make your business more accessible and follow ADA rules. People within the disabled community can help you understand the differences between threshold and modular ramps and why you need both.

Alternative Entrances and Exits

One of the main things you should focus on for ADA compliance and accessibility in your business is having accessible entrances and exits. People with disabilities should always have ways to easily enter and exit your building, such as large elevators or ramps instead of stairs. These accommodations will make your business a lot more accessible to anyone with a disability and will help you comply with ADA regulations.

Install ADA-Compliant Signs

Signs are an important part of navigating a space as they indicate where you should go and what is available for use. Signs must be ADA-compliant because they convey important information. Ensuring that you follow the rules for signs is a great way to improve your business’s ADA compliance.

Improving the accessibility of your business is important for spreading your reach and helping everyone you can. Additionally, being ADA compliant comes with several benefits, such as protection from certain lawsuits due to improper accessibility.

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