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‘Get her!’: Woman brings traffic to a halt starting a fight, then tries running away before eating pavement


As someone who works from home, I miss out on the morning commute. The most excitement from my commute to my office is a hungry cat screaming at me while I try to make coffee and prepare for another day of Facebook-throttling content. So, I miss out on things like this: freeway traffic being brought to a standstill over two women getting into fisticuffs.

And that’s before the footrace starts.

You know the deal. It’s a viral video, allow for missing context and whatnot. The context I’m most curious about is how this fight started. Because it takes place in the middle of a freeway, and shawty with the shorty-shorts doesn’t look like someone who was driving. Unless her man was driving, only he’s beta and, after cutting someone off, sat in the car while his girlfriend did all the work.

Either that, or the one in white is the “other woman” and picked an awkward time to confront her boyfriend’s wife. And how did she know they would be driving down the freeway at that moment and manage to run into the middle of traffic? These are the questions we need answered.

I feel bad for the one in white because we’ve all been there. You pick a fight with someone more significant than you, and then the moment of clarity smacks you upside the head that… I just picked a fight with someone bigger than me. Fight or flight. She chose flight. Until she found herself eating pavement. Hey, it happens.

Authored by Brodigan via Louder with Crowder

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