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Trump Rips Into Fauci – ‘Had I Listened To Him, It Would’ve Been Not So Good’


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In a new interview on Friday, President Donald Trump spoke out to rip into National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases head Dr. Anthony Fauci, who served as part of the COVID-19 task force.

Trump Attacks Fauci

Trump told Newsmax TV that Fauci is “very good promoter” but not “a very good doctor.” He added that he did not listen to much of Fauci’s advice when it comes to handling the coronavirus pandemic, explaining that had he listened, “it would’ve been not so good.”

“He was a very good promoter,” Trump said of Fauci. “I don’t think he was a very good doctor, but he was a very good promoter.”

“He’s been there for what 40 some odd years. He is almost like a staple. And I think, frankly, uh, it was fine. Don’t forget. I didn’t listen to him too much. You know, had I listened to him, it would’ve been not so good. But I did listen to his opinion,” Trump added.

“I respect everybody,” he said. “I want people’s opinion. I listen to his opinion, and then I did what I think was right. And we made a lot of great decisions that Anthony was against, and then ultimately, Anthony was with them.”

Trump Doubles Down

“But then you know if you look at his views on masks, he was actually saying masks were a bad thing. They don’t play that clip very often,” Trump continued. “He didn’t like masks — ‘masks are terrible, terrible.’ All of a sudden, he became a radical masker. You know, it’s a hard thing to do.”

“They feel that Anthony was against me,” Trump concluded. “I don’t think that you know again. It’s sort of interesting. I had this relationship with him. I knew him. He’s a character. He’s an interesting guy, but he’s a much better promoter.”

Trump also said that he believes that President Joe Biden hasn’t fired Fauci because the current administration thinks the famous virologist opposes him.

“I don’t actually think he’s against me,” said Trump. “I think it’s just, you know, he’s very confused. Look. He’s coming along with so many policies.”

Trump Ignored Fauci

Trump also said that Fauci was one of the people saying “no, no, no, leave it open,” when it comes to travel from China, but three months later he also said Trump saved “tens of thousands of lives by making that decision.”

Trump then boasted that his administration saved “tens of thousands of lives” by closing the flights coming from Europe.

“These two decisions were very big, but especially the China one because that was so early,” said Trump. “Nobody would have even, I think very few people would have done that. But that was a good decision. That was a very good decision.”

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