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WATCH: North Korea’s Latest Propaganda Video Is Absolutely Incredible


North Korea has a new ballistic missile system, and more importantly, they’ve got a new propaganda video touting it. In what may be the greatest work of cinematography I’ve ever seen, North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un makes an appearance with several of his generals, playing out what looks like a scene from a 1980s action movie. The unintentional hilariousness is off the charts.

Truly, this is incredible stuff.

Remember when CNN’s Jim Scuitto (a former Obama official) essentially proclaimed the North Korean dictator dead a few years ago? On the contrary, this dude is out here staring at his watch in a leather jacket–before ripping off a pair of gas station sunglasses–in the midst of dramatic music and film edits. The video then cuts to a blinking light with a blaring alarm, followed by screaming soldiers presumably shouting to launch. We then see the missile blast off from various angles.

The fun doesn’t end there, though. After the launch, the music suddenly shifts to something more celebratory. That’s when we see Kim Jung Un and his generals fist-pumping, before cutting to shots of soldiers hugging and crying. Finally, a still shot of the North Korean leader, cosplaying as Neo from “The Matrix,” graces the screen to end things.

Seriously, though, our enemies are obviously emboldened. For all the freak-out over Donald Trump saying nice things about Kim Jung Un from time to time, the latter sure wasn’t launching new ballistic missiles and putting out propaganda videos that look like they took their inspiration from “Top Gun.” It’s almost as if foreign policy isn’t as simple as just reading some stern words off a teleprompter and not saying mean things on Twitter. Who could have guessed?

None of this is a coincidence. Joe Biden’s weakness is apparent, and his constant gaffes on the world stage have made the United States a laughing stock among tyrants across the globe. America’s foreign adversaries are seeing cracks in the wall and have decided to start chipping away. I don’t say that with any happiness. I say that because it didn’t have to be this way. Chaos was not inevitable. Unfortunately, that is what we’ve gotten. We can only hope things don’t get worse and that North Korea’s aggression stays within the confines of badly produced propaganda videos.

Authored by Bonchie via RedState

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