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Watchmaker’s Ad Carries Anti-Woke Warning For Women


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Ads are supposed to promote the products of the company paying for the video production, air time and more.

And a new presentation by Egard Watches does mention its products.

But most of the minute-long production is a warning against America’s “woke” agenda that is trying to crush freedom with an LGBT ideology that says men who say they are women can have free rein in the world of women’s athletics.

See it:

A report in the Daily Wire explains the advertisement reveals “radical gender theory’s effect on female athletes and the problems that arise from males competing in women’s sports leagues.”

The ad shows a young woman track athletic, training from an early age and encouraged by her father, to attain success.

“He used to watch me run and say, ‘Ain’t no woman alive that can beat you.’ And I believed him,” she explains.

“I was an unstoppable force. A life dedicated to perfection,” she explains.

Then, a man lines up in starting blocks for a track meet race, the video depicts.

“But even perfection wouldn’t be enough,” she says.

Then, the add reveals, various headlines of men who are portraying themselves as women defeating women in competitions, including CeCe Telfer in the NCAA women’s track national championship, transgender swimmer Lia Thomas who was an also-ran in races as a man, but won championships as a women, and more.

The Daily Wire explained, “Egard Watch Company said it is a firm that ‘believes in truth’ and produced the advertisement as a ‘response to woke corporate America.'”

Several companies that have taken the opposite view, and have tried to shove the transgender ideology onto their customers, have learned that’s possibly not the best.

Disney lost hundreds of millions of dollars on two “woke” movies that it released, and Anheuser-Busch’s corporate value dropped by about $5 billion when it partnered with Dylan Mulvaney, a man who presents himself as a woman, in a promotion.

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