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What Happens When Leftists Govern a City


I have lived in the Twin Cities metropolitan area since 1974, roughly half that time in the city of Minneapolis and half the time in the suburbs. As everyone knows, Minneapolis is in a steep decline due to out of control crime that began with the George Floyd riots. How bad is it?

I don’t ever recall hearing the word “carjacking” in connection with the Twin Cities until 2020, when such crimes exploded, and carjackings in Minneapolis have again risen steeply in 2021. Minneapolis resident Steve Taylor created this map on The yellow pins indicate carjackings in 2020, while the red pins show carjackings in 2021. Click to enlarge:

It is notable that carjackings are concentrated mostly in the city’s more respectable areas. Alpha News has more:

“This doesn’t include car thefts, which there have been an additional 3387. Between car thefts and carjackings (robbery with car theft), there have been a total of 3879 cars taken, almost 1% of the population of Minneapolis have had their car taken in 2021, and 4035 car thefts/carjackings in 2020,” he wrote in a post to Uptown Crime, a Facebook group he runs.

Crime starts in the cities, but it doesn’t stay there:

Although Minneapolis is bearing the brunt of the state’s carjackings, the issue has spilled over into the suburbs. Twin Cities police officers have recently cautioned suburban residents to be mindful of the potential for carjackings, even in reliably safe areas.

Minneapolis was a center of “defund the police” insanity until burgeoning crime sobered up the city’s leaders. But only up to a point: the city is still entirely in the hands of leftists, with Boy Mayor Jacob Frey being re-elected after running as the most pro-law enforcement candidate in the race. I am not sure how many carjackings and other violent and non-violent crimes it will take for residents of Minneapolis to snap out of their torpor, but I guess we are going to find out.


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