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Why Some Illegals Are Now Leaving Florida. Hint: It’s Something DeSantis Did.


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Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to announce his 2024 candidacy tonight, and it will come on the heels of a new immigration enforcement measure that has some illegals leaving Florida. We must secure the border and deport people who shouldn’t be here. Joe Biden and the Democrats think otherwise, creating a humanitarian crisis at the southern border. It’s an invasion. And with Democrats occupying the White House, Republican governors are our best hope to curb the flow of illegal immigration until the next election. On July 1, new measures in the Sunshine State will greatly degrade the ability of illegal aliens to move and live among us freely. It’s a win for the state and for the country—and DeSantis should highlight this new law prominently if he wants to catch up with Trump in the polls (via Axios):

An undocumented 22-year-old woman sat on her bed in Tampa last week and called her mother, listening to the ringing tone, hoping for another option. When her mother answered, the sound of her soft voice reminded the woman there weren’t any.

“We have to leave Florida,” the woman said.

What’s happening: A new law that Gov. Ron DeSantis signed this month to tighten restrictions on Florida’s undocumented community is driving immigrants out of the state.

The legislation voids out-of-state driver’s licenses for those without proof of citizenship, bars municipalities from using state money to issue identification cards for undocumented immigrants and requires most companies in Florida to verify the immigration status of new hires, among other restrictions.

It also repeals a state law that allowed some undocumented immigrants to obtain a license to practice law in Florida.


State of play: Some undocumented workers in South Florida are not coming to work or they are leaving job sites because of the law — which will come into effect July 1, CBS Miami reports.

No one has the right to come here illegally. That is a fact, and it’s also the law when enforced correctly. The Trump administration stopped the flow of illegals that got out of hand under Obama but has become a total circus under Biden. If the federal government won’t enforce the law, it’s up to the states to do the leg work.

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