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Woke Expelled Tennessee Lawmaker Exposed as Racist on House Floor in Dramatic Moment


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We reported Thursday on how Tennessee state Rep. Justin Jones, one of three Democratic lawmakers who while on the House floor and with a bullhorn in hand helped whip up a mob of “transurrectionists” at the state capitol three days after the Nashville Christian elementary school mass shooting, was expelled by his colleagues over his actions.

Jones was allowed the opportunity to address and debate the issue with his colleagues on the House floor prior to the vote on whether or not to expel him. One exchange that has not been widely discussed, however, exemplifies not only the skewed “reporting” we’ve seen from the media on this issue but also the duplicity of Jones on the issue of race as it relates to the vote to expel him.

At one point, Republican Rep. Sabi “Doc” Kumar, an Indian–American surgeon and Sunday school teacher, reminded a defiant Jones of racially charged language that Jones had previously used on him, calling him a “brown face.” Kumar noted that it was on tape, and that it was the only time in his 53 years in America that a racial slur had ever been used on him.

Audible gasps could be heard in the room.

Instead of being apologetic, Jones doubled down by essentially confirming Kumar’s point.


Later, while being interviewed by the media, Jones – incredibly – tripled down on what he’d said earlier about Kumar:

Got that? Kumar is a “confused” man in “brown face” simply because he doesn’t think like a woke Democrat, and one who has a history of despicable behavior (including assaulting GOP leaders by throwing hot coffee on them when he was a BLM activist) when it comes to interacting with those who disagree with him:

And to make matters worse, in an epic self-awareness fail, Jones said after he was expelled that it happened because he was accused of being “an uppity negro“:

Tennessee state Rep. Justin Jones (D-Nashville) said his race played a role in his expulsion from the state House on Thursday.

“I basically had a member call me an uppity Negro,” Jones, who is Black, told MSNBC’s Joy Reid after the 72-25 vote that expelled him.

Throughout all this drama, the media and Democrats all the way up to the Biden White House have portrayed the so-called “Tennessee Three” as victims of allegedly undemocratic actions meant to silence them, though the actions they took for all the world to see on video that day speak for themselves and stand as proof that all three of them should have been expelled.

Remember, had any video like this been available from the Capitol riot showing Sens. Ted Cruz and/or Josh Hawley with bullhorns on the Senate floor encouraging people to disrupt official proceedings and riot, we would STILL be hearing about it today, with Democrats and the media going even more insane in demanding expulsion and jail time, etc.

But as always for Democrats, it’s (D)ouble standards for them, and a (D)ifferent standard to be applied to their political opponents. Republicans in the House and Senate who had nothing to do with the Capitol riot should face punishment, while the “Tennessee Three” were simply engaging in “democracy” when they occupied the Tennessee House floor and encouraged an already frenzied mob to do their thing.

It’s always the same crap, every day. And it’s so danged tiresome.

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