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Wow: Romney Takes Mayorkas to the Woodshed Over Border Crisis


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Mitt ate his Wheaties yesterday.  The Utah Senator delivered a devastating cross-examination of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas at a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Tuesday, exposing the Biden administration’s quixotic “root causes” fantasy, and attempting to force Mayorkas to assign a letter grade to the current state of border security.  When Mayorkas ducked and dodged, Romney interjected his own assessment, giving Biden and Mayorkas a flat ‘F’.  Here’s the clip.  If Mayorkas was expecting that he might receive relatively easy treatment from a Senator thought of as a gentlemanly moderate, he expected wrong:

Romney: I just had a note at the outset, Mr. Secretary, that you describe the hemisphere-wide concern and desire to address some of the root causes that encourage people to leave their countries and come to ours. I would note that that is an impossible task. The United States of America is always going to be in a more attractive place for people to come live than in the countries that you’re describing. We have a stronger economy. People have much better lives here, much healthier lives and so forth. The idea that we’re going to somehow solve the root causes in all of Latin America, of corruption, of the kind of military threats going on, that it’s just not going to happen. So we’re going to have to secure our border...[Illegal immigrants are] still going to keep coming here. I presume you agree with that. There is going to always be, during our lifetime, a huge demand for people coming into our country from Latin America.

Mayorkas: I do agree with that.

Romney: Okay. And so, all the talk about we need to address root causes, just like, come on, guys, this is taking our eye off the ball, which is we need to have our border secure. Give us a grade. How are we in terms of securing our border, our southern border first? Is it an, A, B, C, D, E, or F in terms of the security of America’s southern border? Is it an A or an F? Where do you grade it?

Mayorkas: Senator…

Romney: I’m looking for a letter.

Mayorkas: Senator, it’s not so straightforward…

Romney: Sure it is! We know how many people are coming across. Are we doing a great job or is it like still failing?

Mayorkas: Senator, the issue of addressing the root causes is not exclusive…

Romney: I have a question, which is: Can you grade how secure our southern border is? And A, through an F?

Mayorkas: Senator, we are dedicating our resources to achieve the maximum possible effect of them.

Romney: Are we succeeding? Is it an A or is it a B, a D? Where are we in terms of the number of people coming across the border? For instance, we have gaps in a wall. That’s like, why would you not want to just complete the wall, for Pete’s sake, and complete the fencing and make sure that we’re in every way we can securing it, at least physically, as well as the other sources that we have. But you’re not willing to give it a grade? I mean, I am: It’s an F. It’s clearly an F. Do you disagree?…We can’t solve poverty here. We can’t end crime here in our own country. The idea that we’re going to do it in dozens of countries across Latin America and reduce the desire of people to come to America is just not realistic. Let’s devote our resources to securing our border.

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